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Hi! I'm Lauren.

Certified intuitive coach, podcast host, author and energy healer. Even saying those things doesn't really capture it though. My purpose and passion are centered around my family, friends, fur babies, my work, nature, creativity and all the experiences that make me feel alive. I'm really glad you're here. If I can support you in any way please reach out! 

truly, lauren

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Through the dark night, I discovered my essence.

I reference my past as a testament to the process of extracting wisdom from the depths of darkness. This murky - at times scary - path brought me to discover my gifts (which were there all along). I've lived through and experienced domestic violence, a family line that's battled addiction, quitting a job due to complete injustice, climbing my way up the corporate ladder to executive ranks in survival mode - only to utterly burn myself out. These experiences showed me the role I was playing in my own suffering, the patterns, my relationship with self, acceptance and judgement. 

10 years ago I went on retreat to Italy and had an awakening. I was shown so much about my soul, my true self, and the real reason why I went through everything I have - to guide other's in remembering who they really are. 

Fast forward to present day and I am reminded frequently of the entire way of being that gratitude is. A life full of healthy relationships, the gift of being a mom, discovering new depths of myself through the commitment of marriage, a routine I've built by design - including full autonomy to explore life the way that feels most natural for me.


Life is humbling, if you're paying attention. The shift from external circumstances and achievement to the 'world behind the eyes' is a journey of a lifetime. Simply put, I discovered my essence and live with the full intention to embody my truth. I'm here to help guide humanity towards authenticity, and help individuals remember who they are at a soul level in order to settle into the life they truly desire.

Below you'll find all the logical reasons 'why' I'm able to do this work, but the real 'work' lives in the shadows - creating space for the light to get in. We're not spiritually bypassing over here. I'm standing by, ready to be your guide along the messy, beautiful journey that is life.


truly, lauren

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The Credentials:

  • Certified Inner Glow Coach

  • Chopra IIN Coach NBHWC Candidate (I/P 2024-2025)

  • 100+ Coaching Hours + 12 Month Training Intensive (IGC)

  • Intuitive Development Training

  • Reiki Master Energy Healing Certified

  • A.S. Graphic Design, B.B.A. Business - SAGE Albany

  • M.S. Marketing Candidate (2025) - SNHU

  • Strategic Marketing Certification, Cornell University

  • 15+ Years in corporate brand building 

  • 9+ years executive leadership

  • Published Author

  • Executive Coach & Mentor

  • 2020 ABR Woman on the Rise

  • Graduate of RENSCO Leadership Institute 

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