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Chew Your Food

2021 is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I suppose I am in a bit of denial about this whole 2020 thing.

I’ve seen all kinds of posts about this year swirling around – some people want to burn it, some people are still stuck back in March, some are ready to erase the slate clean and start new in 2021. Others, myself included, have tried to put together the pieces to determine what all of this is really showing us about ourselves, as a collective society – and as individuals.

I’ve always been slightly amazed at the power of the New Year. I mean think about, we literally count down, create a mindset that has us pumped to crush our goals and we truly believe anything is possible in this ‘new beginning.’ And then what happens? We crush it, for a week, a month, who knows – maybe even the full year. I doubt that last scenario though, only because we are like the seasons. We bloom in some seasons, and in others – we are prepping the ground, preparing for the bloom. It ebbs and flows and so too does motivation.

But do you ever feel like we just need these new beginnings to feel reconnected to who we are, and why we are here?

I’ve never been a stranger to taking on more. From the time I was legally able to work, I got my first job at a state park. I wanted to learn the business, to connect with people – to be around nature. Well, no – at that time, I really just wanted a job so that I could earn some cash to pay for my cell phone and gas. But, semantics. Over the years, there has never really been a time in my life where I wasn't juggling a few really major goals.

I’m someone who wakes up some days, uninspired by life – and other days, so inspired that new ideas and goals fill my heart and spirit and carry me on to the next leg of the journey. I love the mystery of it all – which is cloaked in simplistic ‘in the moment’ reminders that all we ever really have is right here, and now.

When I really stop and think about nature, life, and the circle it creates to continue thriving and surviving – I can’t help but think about what it means to ‘let nature take its course.’ If we were to align with what we know is next and best for ourselves and then get the heck out of the way mentally, I truly do believe we would be able to enjoy those moments much more.

A flower does not sit and think about how much better the petals are on the flower next to it - it just does the damn thing, naturally.

My husband and I were chatting in the kitchen the other night about 2021, of course we both agree that clean eating is in order – damn Christmas cookies how you’ve clouded my judgement, but I also shared my feelings and goals that I know will happen.

Have you ever been so absolute in a mission that you simply become a vessel for it to happen? I am continuing on this path of what I’ve been called to do. This includes continuing with graduate school, writing a book, continuing to share positivity wherever I can – with the ultimate reminder to be sure to remember to practice what the heck I am preaching in my daily life.

To which he responded – you approach life, like our son approaches eating food – whole, often times forgetting to chew.

Um, mind blown.

Yes, we’ve all heard – stop and smell the roses, right? But, don’t forget to chew?? For some reason that just hit me right in the feels.

Learning to enjoy the life we’ve created for ourselves, in the process of becoming, achieving and growing is an important reminder. A reminder that I’d like you to keep in the forefront of your mind heading into 2021.

Whatever the goals are, I am your biggest fan and supporter – yes, you’ve absolutely got this. Remember to stay in a state of appreciation for who you are, and what you have regardless of 'progress.'

A mindset goal is a whole new level of belief, it’s a belief in knowing that you are okay and enough – before, during and after each level of achievement. That it’s okay to not be obsessive and fanatical about achieving a goal so much so that you can’t sit in your own skin. So much so that you chomp down on the next big bite, forgetting to enjoy the taste.

I am a firm believer that in order to align yourself with the frequency of who you want to be, you need to think, act and feel in that way as you step closer towards that actualization. But I can’t help but wonder, as mused about in Time, that life is way more than a means to an end.

It’s more than the destination, it’s more than the energy we get from the food, it’s about tuning in – enjoying the taste, smell and experience of the journey.

So, as you head into the next year – regardless of what does or doesn’t happen, remember to enjoy the journey.

Chew your food, slowly and intentionally – and in that act, bless each moment with the sincerest of intention.

Wishing you fulfillment and light in the new year!



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