Circling the Drain

As I sit and write this post, I am utterly exhausted. In all the right ways, physically and mentally. I know. That seems contradictory right?

I had one of the most inspiring conversations this week. And let me start by saying, a leader is absolutely nothing, without an amazing team working tirelessly next to them. The opportunity to set the vision, break it down into tangible reality, and then get out of their way to let them do what they were born to do? That, is the stuff that keeps me going.

I am reminded that every day is a chance to create something new. Including, redefining what the word leader really means. It's blending in all of the realest components of yourself, with lots of passion and infusing that energy into every single thing you do. To help others see that they too, were born for greatness and are capable of anything.

I was someone who spent many years thoroughly enjoying checking things off the list, plowing through production. Without even lifting my head up. I quickly realized that when you reach a certain level, leadership in many ways, requires working through other people. And some days, that means doing 'nothing' but having conversations all day that break through barriers, set the tone, create a prioritized view of the vision ahead.

Honestly, what an honor to have that opportunity. I am humbled daily by the fulfillment in my life, and the amazing people in it.

To say I work with a dream team, is an understatement. In all areas of my life, I am surrounded by absolute talent and remarkable human beings. Curiosity, intelligence, courage, empathy - I mean, these folks check all the boxes.

And guess what? There are still rough days. For each and every one of us.