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Circling the Drain

As I sit and write this post, I am utterly exhausted. In all the right ways, physically and mentally. I know. That seems contradictory right?

I had one of the most inspiring conversations this week. And let me start by saying, a leader is absolutely nothing, without an amazing team working tirelessly next to them. The opportunity to set the vision, break it down into tangible reality, and then get out of their way to let them do what they were born to do? That, is the stuff that keeps me going.

I am reminded that every day is a chance to create something new. Including, redefining what the word leader really means. It's blending in all of the realest components of yourself, with lots of passion and infusing that energy into every single thing you do. To help others see that they too, were born for greatness and are capable of anything.

I was someone who spent many years thoroughly enjoying checking things off the list, plowing through production. Without even lifting my head up. I quickly realized that when you reach a certain level, leadership in many ways, requires working through other people. And some days, that means doing 'nothing' but having conversations all day that break through barriers, set the tone, create a prioritized view of the vision ahead.

Honestly, what an honor to have that opportunity. I am humbled daily by the fulfillment in my life, and the amazing people in it.

To say I work with a dream team, is an understatement. In all areas of my life, I am surrounded by absolute talent and remarkable human beings. Curiosity, intelligence, courage, empathy - I mean, these folks check all the boxes.

And guess what? There are still rough days. For each and every one of us.

The common theme this week, and no surprise - with the full wolf moon and the start of mercury retrograde - is resistance and transformation. Hang on to your hats folks, can you feel the intensity?

I want to talk a little bit about resistance. I was really never a fan of this word in the past. Until recently I never really stopped to think about the fact that resistance is a necessary part of the process. As I push myself to the limits physically, mentally, emotionally - yes, with moments of doubt, I am reminded often that transformation doesn't come without resistance.

Instead of giving into the resistance and convincing myself not to do what's tough, I let myself fall deeply into transformative energy. Yep, the light and the dark of it. I stop fighting against the resistance and let it nurture me - let it show me the way. I accept it, fully.

Whether the resistance is coming from your own internal voice, or from people around you - it's all beneficial. It's what you choose to do with it that determines what happens next.

Rise above the noise, and find the teacher. It's there.

This pressure shows us what we are made of. It's where growth and transformation live. The precise moment when you feel like giving up, is exactly when you need to silence your thoughts and feel, deeply.

What do you really want, are you willing to sacrifice for your vision, or sacrifice your vision?

It's fun and exciting in the beginning, crazy messy - painful even - in the middle, and awe-inspiring at the end. Just like the monarch, it's their birthright - as it is ours.

The great thing about transformation is that it doesn't ever have to be the end. As I always like to say, we are playing the long game here. So let's talk a little bit about the circling of the drain, or the phase when the caterpillar is complete goo.

Right before immense transformation, can be utter chaos. The circling of the drain as you ramp up to a deadline, a milestone, a challenge - will leave you feeling like you are spinning. Stay with me. Keep two feet on the ground.

In order to make way for what we envision for ourselves in the future, we must first create space for it. Changing our thoughts, making room energetically, remaining disciplined when the last thing you feel like doing, is the exact commitment you made to yourself.

Out on the other side? Self-respect, transformation, proving to yourself (no one else) what you are capable of. Which my dear, is precisely anything and everything you really want.

You see, those checklists? There is a little bit of yourself in each item. Make sure they are things you are passionate about, things that fit into the future vision you hold for yourself.

The next time you feel like you are circling the drain, just remember - you will come out on the other side, having loved the wild ride. Hang on tight, you'll get through this.



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