Core Beliefs

Simple steps for evaluating, defining and adjusting your relationship with self.

When was the last time you really took inventory or notice of how you felt about yourself. Not from the perspective of judgement, but from a place of true observation?

Getting to this place is possible, and can really lead to a path of self-discovery that may have been too cloudy to see before.

I've read a lot about the impact of domestication on our souls and our lives. Simply put, from an early age we are taught what to do, how to do it - when to speak, told when to stop crying - through no fault of our parents, or those who raised us, it is a natural part of upbringing. Many things learned in order to be able to head out into this big bad world on our own, including the stories we make up about ourselves and our abilities.

What I have learned as I've become a parent, and adult (probably in that order) is that it's very easy to inherently pass down components of our upbringing that didn't really serve us well.

My husband is a great reminder and mirror to me of when I am imposing my anxiety and fear on my children. Not quite a helicopter parent, but nevertheless - there is a certain modus operandi that creeps in i.e. a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established.