Creating Space

A tried and true approach: Letting go, in order to receive.

You know the feeling. You've been cooped up in the house for too long, the cold long days growing old and tiresome. And then it happens. The birds start singing a sweet tune just for you and the fresh breeze starts to settle in for spring.

You open the windows and let it all out. The old energy escapes and rejuvenated hope fills your space with the promise of a fresh beginning. Heck, I might even clean my floorboards - anything is possible!

We mentally attune to this freshness. Letting the crisp cleansing air fill our lungs, we exhale all that is stale.

This my friends, is the art of creating space. Sit with this feeling for a moment, and carry it with you. The practice of letting go, surrendering and releasing that which doesn't serve us - with the keen awareness that new is coming, wide open to receive - is what manifestation is all about. In fact, once you've crossed the barrier from old energy to new - anything is possible.

I had the pleasure of spending time at my mom's home - and art studio this week. What greeted me was a room set up with beautiful treasures from my childhood, a portrait of my sister and I from when we were little - and a huge blank canvas. Waiting just for me.

There is something extremely refreshing, cleansing and terrifying about staring at a blank canvas. An entire world of possibility awaits and the most intense white space just begs to be a part of creation. An entire world of possibility brought to you by the vast opening of cleared space.