Good Grief

The fascinating thing about grief is that it shows us how profound the human experience is. The mind, body, spirit connection is the miracle.

When grief arrives, it’s a wave crashing to shore. This wave contains all the beautiful remnants of the Ocean, memories of what was and what wasn’t. Waves have the persistence to shape the shore line. It’s a gradual process that over time can transform the land that once was.

Always changing, the tide, the moon, every cell in our body – constant.

Healing isn’t one-size fits all. Over time, healing does however, become universal. The process of becoming, sometimes is more about the process of un-becoming. Transformational pain, is still pain – and in those moments, all you feel is the painful waves crashing upon your shore. Forcing you to the depths of the Ocean with it.

How deep is your love? Your birthright is to experience the emotional depths of your Ocean, pain is the wave – love is the water and the land.

This metaphor is an important one, because we are NOT our pain. We experience it. It might engulf our shore without coming up for air, and at times in the thick of it, that’s exactly what we need – the deprivation to show us the abundance.