Reclaim Your Shuffle

Reimagine your daily routine, redefine your goals, and get the heck out of your own way.

‘The Shuffle’ can take many forms, but the long and short of it is this – we’re programmed. Daily routines take hold and we forget that we’re the ones in the driver‘s seat.

Over time, we don’t realize these scripts are running but they are. There are a LOT of tabs open. And with that, comes a hard wiring in our brain that makes these pathways and routines, second nature – really not requiring much thought. Daily habits. The same way you learn to drive a car – or brush your teeth, the program is learned and uploaded, being executed seamlessly with not nearly as much effort as when you first were learning.

Feeling lost in the shuffle means you simply aren't making conscious decisions about how you spend your day. With this, you may feel unfulfilled, neglected or like you have zero time for yourself. Well, it's time to reclaim your shuffle.