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Phoenix Rising

Emerging from the ashes stronger and more powerful than ever before.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how utterly resilient we are as humans. I’ve always been drawn to the saying – thoughts are the seeds of actions.

When I think about overcoming major life setbacks, traumatic events or troubled times – there is one thing that is always there. The opportunity for hope.

Believing and knowing deep down that there is better ahead, that ‘this too shall pass’ can be an extremely powerful concept to hold on to. Often times, clinging to this hope is what allows us to keep going. One foot, in front of the other.

Does this struggle represent why I am here? Is this it? Often times rolling around in the ashes, it can be very hard to see anything but the flame, while being suffocated by the smoke.

What if, life was actually born there? You see, the wisdom, the lesson, the teachings – it takes time to stumble into it. It’s not something that shows up the moment the pain stops.

But each day is a choice, do I want to walk back towards the ashes or fly towards the sky?

The Phoenix represents the beautiful rebirth of energy that we all crave.

I was watching Disney’s new Mulan this past week with my daughter. Throughout the movie, at pivotal times of pain and becoming – the Phoenix arrived. In all its beauty and splendor – awe inspiring.

There were several moments of truth, a choice to make – do I step into my truth and true power, or stay dim, living in lies - out of fear of the consequences.

You see, when we stay trapped in fear and don’t live our truth – it creates the very reality we are trying to avoid. Who are you avoiding? Who are you afraid of?

Your power.

The thought of stepping fully into your own free flying energy can be terrifying for many people. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s exactly what is happening to so many people in this very moment.

We can get so caught up in the suffocation that we forget to look for hope. The teacher appears when you are ready. And deep down, you were born ready. Radical, miraculous change can happen. And then, one day – you look back and think, wow – I spent a lot of energy on denial.

Rising from the ashes is a tale as old as time. Getting lost along the way is part of the discovery. I invite you to think about what it is exactly you want to discover, have you put as much energy, thought and attention to your vision – to your future phoenix – as you have to your ashes?

In order to start shifting towards hope - your body, mind and spirit – must receive the oxygen needed to rise up. You won’t believe it when it first appears – but it will feel familiar, an urge – a calling for greater.

The most important work you will ever do is to answer the call. You are capable of anything you put your mind to - those intentional seeds – grow your crops of tomorrow. Sow wisely and intentionally.

These words are easier said than done. As someone who looks back and remembers the very taste of those ashes – I urge you to believe in a brighter day, a brighter you. And, when you've overcome your struggle, help OTHERS rise up. You may be the exact beacon of hope they need in that moment.

In my parting thoughts, I leave you with this –

You’ll never realize you are free and flying – with all of your splendor, if you never knew what it was like to be stuck in the fiery ashes.

As above, so below. Keep listening to your deeper knowing, it doesn’t have to think – it just is. You can rise over and over again, keep going - emerge as many times as you need to.

Love, Lauren

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