Phoenix Rising

Emerging from the ashes stronger and more powerful than ever before.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how utterly resilient we are as humans. I’ve always been drawn to the saying – thoughts are the seeds of actions.

When I think about overcoming major life setbacks, traumatic events or troubled times – there is one thing that is always there. The opportunity for hope.

Believing and knowing deep down that there is better ahead, that ‘this too shall pass’ can be an extremely powerful concept to hold on to. Often times, clinging to this hope is what allows us to keep going. One foot, in front of the other.

Does this struggle represent why I am here? Is this it? Often times rolling around in the ashes, it can be very hard to see anything but the flame, while being suffocated by the smoke.

What if, life was actually born there? You see, the wisdom, the lesson, the teachings – it takes time to stumble into it. It’s not something that shows up the moment the pain stops.