Rest, Don't Quit

The past two weeks have felt like a total derailment of progress for me. Simply put, I am overcommitted. Over time, slowly adding more and more to my plate - things that I have consciously chosen and brought into my life. They bring me joy, and sometimes they don't - but every bit of it, is contributing positively to the vision I see for myself in the future.

As a full time executive, wife, mom of two, life coach, graduate student and home keeper - I am often faced with little comments from people who love me deeply, reminding me that I am doing too much. At least, from their perspective. Literally tipping the scales the past few months - embarking on a wellness journey, losing 25 lbs - hitting the halfway point on that goal, and reminding myself that rest is essential.

I've orchestrated things in my life that truly help me grow and working hard towards my goals is hard wired into me - it's part of who I am. I can't sit idle for too long. I still create space for 'sitting' with myself, through meditation, journaling, resting - some days are super 'productive' and I've learned that those 'other&#x