The B Word


The energy we give and receive as humans is universal. Throughout our day, the interactions, experiences and relationships we navigate either refill our cup, or empty it. If established and respected in all aspects of our lives, boundaries can create a mutually beneficial domain that will keep you in a balanced state of giving and receiving energy.

When I first started dabbling in boundary work, it was extreme – only because I went YEARS without even having boundaries for myself, let alone having them for other people. Overtime, I boiled it down to one word – Respect. You must determine what your values are and step into unified actions that align with YOUR values, before you will be able to transform the people, places and things around you.

I want you for a moment, to remove ANY negative connotation you may have for the word boundary. Why? Because often times, we view boundaries as these concrete barriers, difficult conversations and overall they can feel yucky, like WORK.

Any of that sound familiar? I totally get it, been there, felt that.

I want to co-create a beautiful space for new word association. The key here is co-create, meaning – I need you in this with me! I will first describe a few different boundary types, and then give you a step by step guide on how to approach a difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding. I see you over there... replaying the situation in your head without ANY intention of getting to the root of the issue. See also: Stuck.

Avoiding difficult conversations may feel good at first – okay, mental note – wasn’t feelin’ that. Dually noted. Over time… those little pain points build up and before you know it BOOM – hell hath no fury.

The boundary types I am going to focus on are energetic boundaries, and action oriented boundaries.