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The Dragons

By ignoring them, you are feeding them.

A typical night in the Tatro house. The kids are finally asleep, the kitchen is clean (thank you hubby) , the nighttime-settled down routines start to unfold. Sometimes we each want to do our own thing - taking a moment for ourselves to decompress, other times - we sit and chat about all things life. Mostly? A combination of spending way to much time finding a movie that we want to watch, or me working on my graduate work while he games.

Last night, as I sat in bed with my lap desk working away on my paper - hitting the submit button with a huge sigh of relief - let the weekend begin. My husband came in and put on a YouTube video he had mentioned earlier in the week that he knew I'd be into (I've posted at the bottom). If you haven't heard of Jordan Peterson, Clinical Psychologist - you will want to check out his work, trust me.

The theme of the video we watched was all about confronting your dragons, if you want the gold.

"That which you most need will be found where you least want to look." - Carl Jung

When you spend years running away from the dragons, they get stronger - and even further locked away. Seeping into all areas of your life - powerful avoidance manifests into an external personality that projects your pain.

This thing called life is certainly interesting. Yes - it's tough, but so are you. If you keep ignoring the stuff that you know you need to work on, it will control you and you will remain stuck. You will repeat the lessons over and over again with even more intense consequences each round.

If you've been wanting to learn something new, start over with something you might have no experience with - do not let the fear of not being the best, or even being good at first - get in your way.

If you were born into chaos and enveloped into it - struggling to survive - you must go deeper into the chaos to challenge the norm. You have the power to create your reality. It will take hard work, it will take grit, it will take not running away or numbing when the pain feels unbearable. Right at that tipping point, hold faith. Hold vision. Hold trust for better. It's on the other side and so is your happiness.

I am keeping this message short and sweet this week - so that you can take a few moments to listen to this profound message. Afterwards, I welcome you to reflect on what dragons you might be inadvertently feeding by ignoring them. It's time to stop stunting your growth, and time to start stepping into your power.



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