The Return to Your Muchness

A real life tale inspired by Tim Burton’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland.

You’ve lost your muchness. You used to be, much more muchier.

When we arrive into this world, our child-like muchness is in its full potency. Have you ever seen a baby not completely mesmerized by everything around him? Eyes sparkling with delight. Crying when he needs to, giggling when he feels moved, taking chances to learn how to walk without ANY thoughts in his mind saying ‘you can’t do this.’ Full throttle, potential.

As we grow, and start to become conditioned to our surroundings, to our culture, to our family views and way of life – I can’t help but wonder if our muchness starts to go deeper into the rabbit hole with every year that passes. The art of domestication. For it certainly isn’t a Science.

There you are – standing in front of a room of spectators, expected to marry a man that you know, deep down, isn’t meant for you. (Hello increasing divorce rate). They are all watching. Expecting. Before you know it – you are running away, mentally, emotionally, physically – the seeking for more begins.

Down the rabbit hole we shall go.

The fascinating thing about the characters in Alice in Wonderland is that they ALL live in Alice’s head. Or do they? The judgements begin forming from each character – whether internal or an external representation of our subconscious. Before you know it, self-doubt sets in, deeply.

The wrong Alice. No – she’s the right one, I am certain of it. Give her a chance! Such a pull, a game of cat and mouse ensues.