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Trust Me.

Updated: May 1, 2023

Messages from you, to you.

I've recently started to feel incredibly out of balance. And, I must say it sometimes just builds up bit by bit, day by day - and one day it feels heavy. Dense. How did I get here?

Energy management is something that I believe in fully. And, like anything, it requires prioritization and intention - without action, nothing shifts from the state of energy to form.

I'm reading a book called Meet Your Soul, by Elisa Romeo. I highly recommend for anyone that is interested in connecting with their Soul, their intuition and deeper knowing. I truly do believe this is a time of great suffering for many, as the days go by - our environments are set up to fail, if we aren't paying attention. So, this becomes the opportunity for collective awakening. Nothing creates a faster opportunity for growth, than pain.

You may think nothing of it and then change happens, catapulting you towards the unknown and all of a sudden - you're not sure which way is up or down. Searching external sources for the answers, calling your friends, googling, even playing those stupid games on Facebook that go a little something like this: Lauren your destiny is: Helping Others!

Pump the brakes. It's time to come back home.

This runaway train is insidious. It's filled with doubt, anxiety and stress. Your body and mind are tired, and just want peace. It's time for a soul inquiry.

First of all, what the heck is a soul inquiry?

We're dense. Our surroundings are heavy, and real from a 3D perspective. This can quickly feel like the only reality, and it keeps us in our minds. Disconnecting from our core essence. Running from one thing to the next, anticipating the next move, doing our best, trying to figure it all out.

Now imagine a world, an inner world, that was free from all the density. A connection with your Soul and higher-self that is unbreakable. Where the only frequency that is true, is love. And where you can be exactly who you need to be, for yourself, in any given moment.

I'm not making this place up, it's real, I've experienced it - and so can you. It's who you really are. It requires lifting through the fog, with conviction and belief that you are so much greater than what you may be experiencing in the physical realm. I am not asking you to lift off into space either, keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, allows you to shift to the state of observer - and realization that filters on life can, and should be adjusted.

Not the ones that blur out all the lines on your face - and while we're at it - the next time you reach for a filter, pause. Why are you hiding? You are beautiful.

The filters I am talking about are the way we see life around us, and how we show up to the situations we find ourselves in. These filters need to be cleaned, they are loaded with build up - and that build up can blur the Truth. Build up from past pain, martyrdom, and stress.

Enter soul inquiry.

For those that may have a hard time connecting to this because your rational brain is telling you this is nuts, I invite you to check out the Science. I am talking about the opportunity to shift your brainwaves in order to elevate your frequency, increasing the opportunity to connect with the unseen, and tap into an endless pool of your truth.

Albert Einstein once said, we cannot solve the problem with the same thinking that created it. The solution lives on a different level, and shifting your brain waves gets you closer to YOUR solution.

But even that description is dense, and analytical. Let's go deeper, into a familiar, yet foreign place.

I invite you to create space, to meet your soul.

Ground your energy with breathing. Deep into your belly. Connect roots from your legs, deep into the earth. Closing your eyes, imagine this, and the energy from deep within the earth - pulsating up your legs and back down into the earth. Anxiety can't live in the earth's energy. Partner with Her to connect and release the anxiety that you're living with.

Meditation exercises help observe and release the chatter of your mind, aka the place the problem lives. Visualize a golden light above your head, coming closer to you, a familiar energy - bring Her closer and into the top of your head, resting at the center of your brain, in between your ears. Stay here, come back here daily.

Your mind will convince you that you're making it all up, but you're not. Stick with it, flex the muscle of imagination. Be free here.

Trust this connection, deeply, let yourself rest here. Breathe. Soak it in. Just be.

This is the first step in working on your relationship with Self, or Soul. Whatever variation of this exercise feels good for you, go with it. The key is to prioritize time each day for this connection. This is the level in which the solution lives. Your truth.

Intuitive downloads, live here as well. Journaling is a great tool to ask questions, and receive the answer. Not from your ego, but from your deeper knowing. The best time of day for this, for me, is first thing in the morning - but do what feels right for you.

I received a tremendous amount of guidance, from me, to me - without the intervention of thought. It's better advice than anyone I could call can give me, better than anything I'll find on google, and it's a trusted and verified Source.

The next time you find yourself ruminating in your mind, over and over, seeking external validation, and comparing yourself to everyone and everything around you - it's time to connect to the unseen, to the real YOU. Your soul is waiting.

Trust is your Soul Lesson.

Don't doubt what you are being called to, you are love, and She is waiting for you. Don't turn a cheek to your Truth, to make other people more comfortable. Your Soul has a wider view and lens of your life, and as I always say - She Be Knowing.

What is your soul lesson? Ask, and don't be afraid of the answer.

"Trust Me" - Your Soul



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