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Us VS. Them

Waking up from the spell that the world is conspiring against you.

How fitting for Super Bowl Sunday. I've never been into watching sports. In fact, as a Marketing professional - what I really look forward to during the Super Bowl is the commercials - okay, maybe the wings too.

People have attachments to 'their' teams - attachments to their views on who is better. It's all in good fun, just not really my bag.

But in the spirit of sports and the energy swirling around in many households today, I want to reflect on the theme of Us Vs. Them thinking. While it might be all in good fun today, opposition is a day to day occurrence. Necessary in many ways, but if left unchecked - can become an addicted reality.

This mindset has shown up for me in a variety of ways, throughout my entire life. I am able to recognize it when it shows up now - observe it as my ego bravely tries to justify it's position that 'they' are conspiring against me.

I know you know what I am talking about. This can manifest as simple forms of resistance, differing of opinions, feeling misunderstood or that someone simply just 'doesn't get it.' I'm all about temperance, and do believe that this kind of energy is extremely important with recognizable moderation.

If left unchecked, Us VS. Them thinking can lead to an overinflated sense of self righteousness. A projection of your views so hard and steadfast into the airways of anyone around you.

What a beautiful collection of soap boxes we have amassed.

Us VS. Them mindset can show up in little thoughts, without realizing it.

'They aren't on the same page'

'They will never understand where I am coming from'

'They just don't get it'

'I can't believe this happening to me'

It can show up with a feeling that people are constantly against you, that circumstances and life are happening to you rather than conspiring for you. It doesn't take much to shift us into the victim lane. Believe it or not, it doesn't take much to shift out of it either - the first ingredient is a heavy dose of self-awareness.

I am here to tell you that 'they' are seeking the same things you are, on a fundamental human level. And that is, to be accepted and understood. Yes, even the jerks that have built up their ego for years and now come across as invasive know it alls. Especially those ones. Stripped of empathy, hollow shells of broken - running from who they really are.

In fact, what I have found as those who make it their life's mission to find a way to disagree with every idea or stance circling around them, is that most of the time, those folks are the most trouble stricken.

Desperately trying to reclaim their power from 'unfair' circumstances, hardships and toxic relationships.

You probably could guess that I am not a fan of the word 'fair', I believe it's laced with entitlement and some deeper expectation that you are owed a specific outcome.

I know her, because I was her. Many moons ago.

In what feels like an entirely different universe from where I am now, there was a time when I thought the world was out to get me. That no one had a clue and I was right in all things. The self-fulfilling prophecy here, is that those thoughts and beliefs, in turn, are reflected to you in your surroundings and circumstances.

Your reality is created by your deepest beliefs, it's not happening to you, it's happening because of you.

Once I became aware of this little universal secret, I started paying more attention to my thoughts, and how I responded to the people and places around me. How I responded to myself.

We all have bad days. If left unchecked, those days can become years. And, before you know it - all of the relationships around you, and especially the one with yourself - feel like they are out to get you and you can do no right.

Pity, party of one.

See also; newsflash, no one cares.

Or at least, that is what you'll convince yourself.

Sorry, not sorry - but the more you isolate yourself in feelings of being disconnected from everyone and everything around you - the more that reality will be created. Stop being the martyr. It's okay to have your own beliefs and thoughts, we all have them.

The next time you start to take it personally when someone disagrees with you - pause. These people can be serious blessings.

As I write this, it is not lost on me that my blunt approach to this message may agitate your demons. It's okay, awakening this imbalance is really important. Don't kill the messenger, just sit with the message and be honest with yourself.

Who the heck wants a bunch of people around them that are agreeable all the time? Again, I don't want anyone overcompensating and taking that too far - I am not looking for constant battle and disagreement either. All I am saying is that at the deepest level, we are ALL having this human experience together, and the unity we truly crave is hard-wired into our soul from the source in which we came and which we will return. Universal love and acceptance.

Spend more time understanding who YOU are, and less time trying to figure out why others don't understand you. The more you begin to understand yourself, the less desire you will have to be right. Truth will be truth.

The next time you are met with resistance and feeling like someone is out to get you, just observe it. What are they really trying to say? Where is the common ground? Perhaps you have simply outgrown them - that's okay too. Stop fighting to keep people in your life. People will flow in and out, every relationship is a choice and a commitment that you choose.

Start to picture the opposing force, as part of the resistance to help YOU grow. Appreciate it for all it's wonder. Don't reject it or fight it - you'll only be creating more division within yourself which will always be reflected in your surroundings.

This blog is a space for deep topics, deep thoughts and deep reality. When the fog has lifted, you shall see who you're really meant to be. In all your glory. I genuinely appreciate being part of your journey to self-discovery, as you are a part of mine.

Love, L

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