Us VS. Them

Waking up from the spell that the world is conspiring against you.

How fitting for Super Bowl Sunday. I've never been into watching sports. In fact, as a Marketing professional - what I really look forward to during the Super Bowl is the commercials - okay, maybe the wings too.

People have attachments to 'their' teams - attachments to their views on who is better. It's all in good fun, just not really my bag.

But in the spirit of sports and the energy swirling around in many households today, I want to reflect on the theme of Us Vs. Them thinking. While it might be all in good fun today, opposition is a day to day occurrence. Necessary in many ways, but if left unchecked - can become an addicted reality.

This mindset has shown up for me in a variety of ways, throughout my entire life. I am able to recognize it when it shows up now - observe it as my ego bravely tries to justify it's position that 'they' are conspiring against me.

I know you know what I am talking about. This can manifest as simple forms of resistance, differing of opinions, feeling misunderstood or that someone simply just 'doesn't get it.' I'm all about temperance, and do believe that this kind of energy is extremely important with recognizable moderation.