Accepting our shadow energy, with gratitude for its teachings.

This week, I reflected deeply on a relationship that was once very near and dear to my heart. After a really bad falling out, and years that have gone by - she is no longer on the Earth. A letter to Dharma, inspires this post. In energy form, our relationship is now wide open and full of love - but what a journey of self reflection and lessons learned that was brought about, and I am forever grateful for that.

Since her passing back in November - my relationship with my Sister-Cuz as we affecteonality referred to each other as back when the gettin was good, has blossomed into a communal give and receive of communication, signs, dreams and love. The limits we had before, have lifted.

My mind and spirit took me on a journey, after asking her for inspiration on this week's topic. Remaining open, with a blank canvas - I started recalling painful details of things that were said. Trying to figure out where to put all of the mixed emotions I find myself left with - the only way I could describe how this severing felt to me and why the relationship didn't work - was because she was venomous. In large doses, poison - but the underlying energy being divine passion.

We all are venomous, in our own right. In fact, if it exists in nature - it exists within us.

Fight or fli