The Truth is Coming



Truth Be Told

A Practical Guide to Living an Authentic Life

Truth Be Told is a four part book, infused with moments of truth and opportunities for personal transformation.

The Surrender


Hands to a higher power, show me the way. Release your story, you are more than what has happened to you.

Learn how to assess your core life pillars. Surrender to a new way, in order to produce a better outcome. Prepare for the awakening, surrender your core fears.


The Awakening

Adjust your filters on life. Seeing the miracles around you, with gratitude. Discover your why and rewire your core beliefs. Prepare for true transformation.


The Transformation

Rewire your brain, creating new muscle memory. Create a new relationship with self. Establish rituals and routines to serve your higher purpose. Right size your intention vs. your impact in order to live your truth.

The Living Truth

Get real: People, Places and Things

Understanding authenticity from a place of energy and resonance.

Boundaries, Conflict and Creating Space. It's time to truly step into your power.



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