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I'm Lauren, Intuitive Coach & Founder of Discover Essenza.
I'm here to help you discover your authentic self. 


discover your essence
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You’ve felt something stirring, possibly old energy, or patterns you are ready to break free from. You’ve been ignoring your authentic-self for far too long and you’re not really quite sure where to start - but you know you are ready to change.


It takes a lot of courage to take a step forward in pursuit of breaking old cycles, and creating new ways of being. For that, take a moment of gratitude for yourself - you are taking the first step towards the highest vision you hold for yourself.


It’s time to lose the fear, reconnect with your intuition, and drop the guilt - it’s your time to shine. 


My life’s work is dedicated to helping women discover what is already within, divine greatness. 


Together, we will surrender what no longer serves you, transform your mindset, and create space for you to live your truth, unapologetically. 


I am grateful to be on this journey with you!


The Real Deal

“Lauren is the real deal. If you need a dose of inspiration and the warm hug of authentic truth... follow her!"


Live With Intention

"I cannot wait to learn how to live purposefully and with intention from this strong, lovely woman! You are all so fortunate that she is sharing her secrets with us!"


Game Changer

"My experience with Lauren was a game changer. She has impacted my life in a way few have. I am not sure she knows how influential her superpower is."

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