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5 Steps to a New You

Hello my fellow truth-seekers!

I’ve been seriously loving starting the day with intention and posting daily inspo videos in the morning. Knowing that many of your are starting to make it a part of your routine, is super humbling.

Have gratitude for yourself, in this moment, for taking the time out of your day to honor a deeper yearning for more.

Yep. It actually used to feel like a dull ache, like a thirst I couldn’t quench, what the heck am I seeking? Whatever it was, at the time, I didn’t realize that unless I became crystal clear on what I really wanted and started to reframe my whole way of being around that, it wasn’t going to happen.

It’s like the frequencies were jumbled. If you don't do the work to clear out the old skeletons, stories, past hurts – they become you, they influence your every thought, and before you know it – you’re on the floor, hands to a higher power, TAKE THE WHEEL.

Insight: The good news? It’s all 100% shiftable. For those that know me personally, they know that I am big on action. It’s not enough to say you want something, you have to be behind those words and be willing to try new ways of doing things, saying things, thinking things – in any given moment. Because, every moment is a choice. Aligning your actions with your words and intentions, is huge.

That last one. It’s BIG.

Our thoughts are literally everything – and until I recently started shifting into the observer lane of those thoughts, I didn’t realize how much hate I had running around in there. It can be little things like seeing someone and subconsciously judging something about them (eh hem, any judgement we cast on another is actually a deeper judgment we hold for ourselves), all the way to looping a narrative throughout the day of how much you’ve failed at not getting it all done, further validating the ‘I am not good enough’ narrative that I am beginning to believe is just deeply part of the human condition.

It’s our life’s mission to evolve. To shift these patterns within ourselves is to heal the dynamics around us, inspire those who see the change and ultimately up level the entire state of human consciousness centuries from now. YUP – I am that serious about this work.

Are you ready? That’s step one. Saying yes, and even believing it a little bit, already puts you on a new path. I am glad you are here.

Get out your glue sticks, it’s time to make all of you self-proclaimed ‘non-creatives’, creative. Hint: we are literally creating every moment, so you can start healing that story – TODAY.

I believe in you, I love you – and I hope you’ll share images of your work! I’d LOVE to see.

Love, L

p.s. Tough love: Be honest, no BS allowed in this exercise – no matter how painful it is, don’t be afraid to face it. Facing it, shines light on it, shining light on it – brightens YOUR light. Don’t stay dim, you were born to shine.


Transformational Vision Board Exercise:


  • An open mind and heart (tissues optional)

  • A piece of paper or card stock (recommended)

  • Glue stick or scotch tape

  • Pencil (with eraser) & Sharpie

  • Magazines (Read through this exercise and go have fun picking out a few new ones if you don’t have many at home!)

  • Scissors (optional) (I am more of a ripper myself. Shocker.)

Time: Your pace! Yields: Approximately a lifetime of better thoughts and feelings.

Tip: If you have someone in your life that you are close to and that you feel emotionally safe with, this is a great exercise to pause and share what’s coming up during these moments. It helps create opportunity to really feel and process your way through this. If not, that's okay too - this is a great way to work on the relationship with YOU!

Spoiler alert, it will feel uncomfortable – that means you are on to something transformational! Don’t run away, lean in. Sharing it out loud literally is a relief valve for the emotional pressure you may not even have realized was there.


Step 1: Write down on a piece of paper (in pencil) all of the negative things you deep down repeat to yourself (or have heard from others). And yep, every one of us has SOMETHING we have on repeat in the background that isn’t serving our highest potential. This stuff LIMITS us greatly.

Example: I am not smart enough, good enough, thin enough (you get the idea.) Negative core belief. Give each word some space on the page – enough to cover each of them with an image.

Step 2: Go through some magazines and rip out (or cut) pictures that FEEL like the words you’ve selected.

Example: I used an image of a caged bird to represent one of the sentiments I wrote down – erase the word – and glue the image in its place.

An image can represent and capture the essence of the words. This part of the process will allow you to move out of the literal thought of the specific words and focus in on the feeling that comes up for you around it.

Step 3: Next, on top of the image, write the opposite word/aspiration in Sharpie (I am slightly obsessed with sharpies and they are really satisfying to write with so…. Yea.)

Example: On top of the image of a caged bird – I write, FREE.

Step 4: Keeping the positive word top of mind, set your intention on image selection. Find an image that matches the energy of your new found fabulous belief.

Example: A beautiful bird, flying freely – cloaked in a range of glorious colors. (Okay, I might have a lot of Nat Geo laying around – but you never know what magazine might have exactly what you are looking for!!) Glue it on top of your word, as the final layer.

Step 5: Repeat for each belief, and process out loud anything that you need to let go of with your vision board buddy or solo in between each word to create the space to process the release.

Finally, view your finished piece. Sit with two feet on the floor, take a deep breath.

Send out a signal, a strong one:

“I release the limiting beliefs that no longer serve me and I accept and embrace the new”.

Go ahead, say it out loud – make it real, it is. Scan each image, feel the new feeling – stay there, come back to it – remember the feeling, attune to it frequently. Put it somewhere that’s part of your daily routine as a reminder. Next time that old crap shows up in your head? Call it out, and replace it. Simple, yes, it’s that simple – only AFTER you process the pain.

Share this content with anyone who you feel called to share with and don't forget to post pics of your board in the comments or on my social pages! Only if you are comfortable, the most important part is that it's posted somewhere for YOU to see.

Imagine if the world suddenly started flooding social media with healing images right now? I can. And, I plan on doing just that. Join me!



  • Limiting Core Belief written in pencil/erased: Not good enough

  • Next Layer: Caged Bird (covering erased remnants of your words)

  • PAUSE & REFLECT. Sit with this image and feeling, quiet your thoughts and pay attention to how familiar it feels. Signal that you are done feeling/thinking this way and that it no longer serves you. MEAN IT, BELIEVE IT.

  • Take that sharpie and write the word of affirmation on top of the negative image. Example: FREE

  • FEEL that word. What does it feel like to you? Sit with that, hold space for that energy. It’s time to flip the script – you’re creating a physical manifestation of your desires.

  • Select an image that captures the essence of your positive word, and glue it on top as the final layer.

  • Rinse and repeat for each word on your board.

  • Process, reflect, affirm, BELIEVE! And, put it in a spot to serve as a daily reminder of your greatness.

  • Shine brightly, because you deserve every feeling and word on that page.

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