Over time, you know what happens? Time. It’s a sneaky thing really, in one sense it doesn’t exist, in other ways it’s all that exists.

I’ve noticed that in the relationships closest to us, we sometimes use time as a means to an end. The time is going to go by anyways, or – it’s as if no time went by at all and we can ‘pick up where we left off.’

In many ways, time can hold us hostage like a runaway train. Miraculously waiting for a destination, wait, where are we going again?

Over the past month or so, I’ve been trying to figure out why I just didn’t feel ‘right’, something was off again – what the heck is it? Why can’t I just flow with things, see the beautiful blessings all around me. Instead, overtime fixating on little things that bother me. The look on his face, the lack of patience, the story I am telling myself – we are on different planets.

In all honesty, it’s easy to blame the pandemic – to blame not being able to travel, to blame everything going on – but guess what? The pandemic removed a lot of distractions, created some new ones and made us all take a deeper look at how we are spending, this precious commodity called time.

Sound familiar? It can be any one, spouse, parent, child, friend – you name it. When we are looking for something to be wro