An Invitation for Love & Joy

A Story of Hope, for all ages.

L.J. was tired. He had been doing this whole remote school thing for months. Although he hadn’t been able to be around his friends, playing and laughing, in many months – he was able to FaceTime with all his friends as much as he wanted.

“Dad, why do I still feel so alone?” L.J. asked.

“I am tired of this whole pandemic thing and just want it to all be over.”

L.J.’s Dad had been working side-by-side L.J. every day as he worked tirelessly for a non-profit that helped people find food and feed their family, when they had nowhere to turn.

“Son, I understand, things are different – but we must remember to pay attention to what this is trying to teach us all.”

L.J. was confused, oh great, another lesson from Dad, he thought.

“I wish Mom could be home at night, I miss her and she is so very tired when she comes home – we hardly have a chance to play anymore.” L.J. felt this familiar pull inside him – a fish out of water. Alone. No one understands.