Leadership is an Inside Job

Practical tips for merging the worlds of personal and professional development.

Throughout my career, I’ve had such exciting opportunities. But – it wasn’t always so glamorous. I want to share my experience with you and translate it into a few key points for you to consider. Whether you are a seasoned executive, or just getting started out in your career is completely irrelevant, let me tell you why.

Often times the ‘roles’ we hold at companies, the titles associated with those roles and how we ‘show up’ starts to feel like an identity.

The trouble with that model is that if anything changes, or the unexpected happens – you could be left feeling worthless, like everything you did was for nothing. Who am I without this role?

Today, I invite you to flip that script.

Merging the two worlds of personal and professional development, typically goes against the grain for most organizations. In fact, as leaders, managers, and people, we are often trained NOT to get personal. Now, let me tell you – boundaries within this space are extremely important – and I am not proposing that starting today you run to your teams and colleagues and dig into their personal situations. I simply invite you to sit with this concept: