Mother May I?

Identifying approval seeking behaviors in order to live with purpose.

It's not surprising that many people walk around looking for acceptance. From an early age we are ushered into a world with rules, structure, 'approved curriculm' and are graded on our performance and how well behaved we are.

Where are my 'talks too much in class' people at?!

Our purest essence and being, doesn't want a container. It craves freedom, expression, love, and the opportunity to color outside the lines.

As life begins to take over, it becomes very clear that in order to 'survive' we must begin working, making money, and the rating system continues. Depending on where you are in this journey, it isn't uncommon for our entire identity to become formed based on what we do for a living.

So, let's talk about 'container living' for a second. A phrase that just sparked into my mind at this very moment when thinking about how easy it is to become trapped into a set of norms, and perceived judgements about how we show up and live our lives.

So how is it that we are expected to develop authentic power and confidence, while simultaneously in a state of survival and living up to other people's expectations? That's the question we are going to explore today.

I am not talking about living in a state of constant rebellion either, because, believe it or not - that still puts the power in someone else's hands.

First up? Authentic power.