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Ritual vs. Routine

Living intentionally and with gratitude, to radically transform your daily life.

We get up, we grab the coffee, we take a minute to determine what we have to accomplish and then? We rush off into a series of tasks until we fall with exhaustion into the pillow at night thinking - YAY can't wait to do that marathon all over again!! Sound familiar?

This used to be the way I rolled. Silently suffering wondering how I was going to keep all of it going without facing burn out in a few short months.

And then I started creating space for inspiration and intention.

Simply put, for me, the difference between ritual and routine is - awareness and mindfulness. Ready to make the shift? Here are a few simple tips to get you on your way:

  1. Pick a few things that you do daily. Examples; make the bed, take a shower, cook dinner.

  2. Next, before you start the task, tune in to how you are feeling, and your thoughts.

  3. Shift to a place of gratitude in your mind, and imprint the energy of gratitude on your actions.

Okay, sounds easy right? Well, habits are hard to break, and you may not even be realizing that you are griping through the process. 'Ugh, my spouse never makes the bed, here I am doing it again' or hopping into the shower, so busy in your head about everything you have to do next that you forget to stop and realize that a shower is a beautiful opportunity to nurture and care for your body, while sending out the signal of gratitude for hot running (clean) water. Making dinner for your family, pissed off about something that happened in your day - and not even realizing that you are imprinting on the very food you are preparing for them.

Yes, we take this stuff for granted every single day, which keeps us missing the absolute blessing the 'mundane' things in our lives really are!

Why is this important? Everything is energy.

I am not talking magical butterflies and rainbows. I am talking science. Our thoughts emit a frequency, repeating this frequency over and over again contributes to our personality and the presence we carry with us on a daily basis.

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This isn't about perfection, it's about making small shifts in your mindset throughout your day, in order to shift your mood when you may need it and to attract better for yourself. It's about choosing to see the blessing, instead of staying in a state of complaints and woe is me.

So why is this so hard, for so many people? Because our thought patterns are comfortable. We're used to running the same script every day, and believe it or not - even though it doesn't feel good, it ends up becoming the path of least resistance!

Ritual also involves curating spaces with attention to detail. For me, you will find my spaces with energy charged crystals, tokens from nature - held high on a pedestal - positive affirmations, as a reminder that our thoughts and intentions hold the power, and that we are of nature, not in it. These reminders around me help me recognize when I am going down a bad path in my mind, it's a life line.

This sense of deeper connection is a wonderful opportunity to create a sense of meaning in your life, especially if you feel you are simply going through the motions. Create space in your mind to allow in new thoughts, better thoughts, intentional thoughts - you are co-creating with the universe, and with the energetic fields that are all around us.

This isn't just some new age hogwash, this is something that has radically changed my life, and I invite you to give it a try.

Why not choose the better thought? Why not see a 'task' as an opportunity to imprint gratitude and intention? Why not enjoy the positive return on energy that your spirit is seeking? I have, and I will never turn back.

Yours truly, Lauren

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