So You Wanna Manifest?

Cut through the noise to get to the essence of what you want.

Manifestation is 'trending' and many connotations of the word take on different meanings depending on where you are on the journey of discovering your super powers.

If a goal is an item you check off a list, manifestation is the culmination of circumstances you are willing to shift in order to cultivate a potentially alternate reality. In some sense, letting parts of yourself die, so that a healthier, evolved version of yourself - has the space to grow.

As I sit and type this, on a fall crisp day in upstate New York - I couldn't help but have images of Harry Potter in my mind, waving his magic wand - with all of the cozy, magical vibes that movie always evokes in my heart. Perhaps it's the Weasley in me, but can we talk about the frustration that can take over when you are well on your way but frustrated with the journey or the timeline?


What does it mean to cut through the noise? In this context, I want to focus on the noise in our minds. I keep coming back to this in my coaching because honestly - the key to manifesting your deepest desires, lives in your ability to tune into silence. Today's world is laced with comparison, highlight reels, and a deeply saturated market place - pushing messages at us all day long about how their products and services will solve our problems and meet our needs.

Don't get me wrong, as a marketer - I understand the flip side of that equation - one based in alignment with true value add, and a deeper brand position that isn't all about selling widgets. But none-the-less here we are. Inundated with opportunities to stay distracted, to feel like we are constantly needing something, and potentially being pushed further and