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So You Wanna Manifest?

Cut through the noise to get to the essence of what you want.

Manifestation is 'trending' and many connotations of the word take on different meanings depending on where you are on the journey of discovering your super powers.

If a goal is an item you check off a list, manifestation is the culmination of circumstances you are willing to shift in order to cultivate a potentially alternate reality. In some sense, letting parts of yourself die, so that a healthier, evolved version of yourself - has the space to grow.

As I sit and type this, on a fall crisp day in upstate New York - I couldn't help but have images of Harry Potter in my mind, waving his magic wand - with all of the cozy, magical vibes that movie always evokes in my heart. Perhaps it's the Weasley in me, but can we talk about the frustration that can take over when you are well on your way but frustrated with the journey or the timeline?

What does it mean to cut through the noise? In this context, I want to focus on the noise in our minds. I keep coming back to this in my coaching because honestly - the key to manifesting your deepest desires, lives in your ability to tune into silence. Today's world is laced with comparison, highlight reels, and a deeply saturated market place - pushing messages at us all day long about how their products and services will solve our problems and meet our needs.

Don't get me wrong, as a marketer - I understand the flip side of that equation - one based in alignment with true value add, and a deeper brand position that isn't all about selling widgets. But none-the-less here we are. Inundated with opportunities to stay distracted, to feel like we are constantly needing something, and potentially being pushed further and further away from our own true north.

This morning, as I sat in my meditation chair and began the process of silencing my mind while observing my thoughts - one message came through loud and clear. The opposite of anxiety, a deeper knowing flooded into my being. Sound the alarm. I feel strongly that we are in the middle of a deep awakening, one that is spurred by the pain many are feeling. The message that came through was profoundly worried for the youth of our world - but in one way or another, is impacting us all right now in this present moment.

Only knowing a world that is deeply connected through technology and the fantasy that these 'things' represent true connection. Perhaps this is just how it goes as I teeter on the edge of the millennial generation - of which many generations before me undoubtedly had similar feelings on the state of 'evolution' and the pace of change.

But what if our attempts to technologically advance were creating a devolving of our conscious super powers? Our connection at an energetic level and the sensitivities to a deeper knowing - that were fostered by living in and with harmony of nature and each other?

Warp speed, we're getting lost in the sauce.

I am not proposing that everyone feels this way, but from time to time - I do. Every once in a while my soul begins to stir and I am reminded that the 'reality' created within social media, is an alternate universe - but in many ways, helps me 'feel' connected to people I don't see every day. Is this a cop out? Does this allow us to check some mental box that we've 'done our part' to understand what is going on in the lives of others?

When in fact, the only thing we are witnessing, is the parts of their lives that they want us to see. This atmosphere has the potential to create a deep duality - and is the breeding ground for depression. What if periods throughout history dubbed the Great Depression or recession, had more to do with an energetic exchange as a human race - and less to do with the economy? A world where money represents distraction? And these 'crashes' and global crises were actually a deep collective cry for help - each of us screaming from within that something has to give? These negative events shake things up, present opportunity to reframe, and further delve into the 'stuff' we are truly made of.

Damn adversity can be one hell of a teacher.

I know, I am down the rabbit hole - but these are the 'things' that keep coming up, and I feel strongly that we must talk about it, think about - explore it. Not from a place of conspiracy, but from a place of curiosity. Because if we don't - and we stay distracted, we fall victim to not being able to truly tune in to what is best for us, not in comparison to how someone else is doing it - but from a place of genuine exploration.

On some days, I feel the drain on my energy - not realizing that I am giving bits and pieces of my true essence away, by mindlessly witnessing other people's lives, and scrolling through ads in search of the next thing I don't need.

What the heck does any of this have to do with manifestation you might ask? Everything.

Our mental and emotional bandwidth is tapped. From day to day, the sensory inputs are overwhelming. Addiction, depression, anxiety - you name it - the fear that is being triggered in our minds daily is potentially the real pandemic.

As someone who has focused intentionally on manifestation and deeper intuitive connection - I would describe manifestation as the following:

The ability to cut through the noise, silence the mind and listen to what your soul really needs. Taking this message and projecting it into the future and your present state, simultaneously, as a fact, not a question. Fearlessly taking steps towards it (knowing that the path is not a straight line) while being willing to evaluate how you are keeping yourself from the greatness you desire. Intention setting with complete and utter clarity, and no ego. Seeing our thoughts and intentions as energetic frequencies waiting to align with the circumstances we desire. Aligning integrity with the 'why' behind what we want - to create a core-values driven way of being and having.

Okay, so I didn't say it was an easy thing to describe, so I will break it down a bit more. This process is one that has served me well - in getting to know who I am, and why I am here. The goals I've accomplished along the way are a byproduct of that work. Whether you are manifesting a new relationship, a dream career, health, money - [insert desire here] - doesn't really matter, the process to getting there is a rinse and repeat model.

Before we go any further, these paths aren't easy - but when you stop and think about it - even the 'easy' path isn't easy - as we are typically wired to be hard on ourselves and our circumstances, wishing and wishing that 'things' would go our way.

The 'wishing and wishing' is where the noise comes in. This thought pattern keeps us stuck, focusing in on what we don't have instead of what we do have. This discomfort begins to feel comfortable and every other scenario might feel like rose colored glasses - or alternatively, seeing success for others in a 'must be nice' filter of cynicism - but it's a choice, and the choice is ours for the making.

Why do you think vision boards are so popular and fun? It's an opportunity to create space to dream. To envision with exact images of what we want in our lives. The magic wand on a daily basis that is required to align yourself with the stuff/people/places you desire - requires a willingness to change the way you do things - and how you think about that doing.

A few examples:

You want to manifest a healthy, loyal relationship. Yet, every day, on social media you post man hating memes, or quotes about betrayal and how you don't deserve what you're going through. In this example, all you are doing is perpetuating the bad feelings, in turn attracting more to you. And I am not talking 'toxic positivity' or in any way diminishing the experiences, I am simply proposing the idea that shifting from the place of where you are currently, to where you want to be - requires forgiveness of yourself, the other person, and new choices. Choosing to honor your boundaries, even if it means feeling 'lonely', channeling the love to yourself, to heal these wounds - not perpetuating the drama by staying tangled in the mud.

Or lets say you feel stuck in your career. Deeply feeling a calling to do something else for a career choice - more aligned with who you are and your purpose - but year after year you convince yourself that if you leap, you will fall. Accepting the current painful reality as what it is, without taking a single step in direction of what you want. Complaining day in and day out - while doing nothing about it. Time to go numb out and then feel exhausted in time to start the ground hogs day all over again.

Cultivating joy in your daily life is deeply connected to manifestation.

The best place to stop the chaos and start the process of clarity? Silence and meditation.

The harder it is for you to silence your mind, the more you need to do it - in this case, I recommend guided meditation.

Sometimes you have to take away things before you can add in more of what you want. Choosing to sign up for a meditation or other practice that is in alignment with your personal growth and discovery, signals that you are not only ready for change - but that you are willing to take a step, no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

You might catch a side cramp. Growing pains are part of the process!

If I was to summarize everything I just poured into this blog post, I would do so as follows:

  1. Your ability to manifest your deepest desires requires stillness of the mind in order to feel and hear the calling of your soul.

  2. Once you hear the call, you must answer.

  3. Get curious, set your intention, be specific.

  4. Project that shit into the universe in such a way that it's a fact, a statement, not a question. Believe it in your bones.

  5. Take a step towards that vision, and when the going gets tough - don't back down. Signal that you are ready and willing to work towards it. When your mind tries to talk you out of it, override the thought with a new one.

  6. Incremental steps over time, with gratitude, produce miracles.

  7. Stop complaining about what you have or what you're experiencing - and expect anything different.

  8. Flip the negative to the opposite perspective, find the good, cut the drama and keep going.

  9. Don't forget to take inventory of your blessings, and remember that nothing you acquire or do - makes you better than anyone else.

  10. We are all on different steps, it can be helpful to find people who are on the step you want to be on, for support and mentorship along the way.

  11. This journey is, and always will be about acceptance, love, and energy.

Grow get em.



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