The Gift of Presence

As we fade, wander or leap into the holiday season – it’s a great opportunity for reflection and honing our impulses to create space for inspired actions.

If we break down emotions and intentions to their simplest form, they are energy. Everything is. We’ve been through many different circumstances this year - and, although likely an unfavorable opinion, I feel 2020 is precisely what we needed as humans on this planet.

As I watch decorations go up earlier and earlier – I feel the deep sense of longing, of wanting familiar comforts – of wanting more, all around me. To acknowledge it, is to take a deeper look inward at the motivations behind it. The opportunity that emerges could transform our entire collective perspective.

The most amazing opportunity we have is to clear our emotional paths to become vessels for gratitude and service to others. In doing this, we create an intensified, mutually beneficial reality.

In The Return to your Muchness, I talk a